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We Used To Work 9-5. Now? We work an hour or two each day from home with our kids.

How did we do it? We wrote cookbook eBooks and sold them on our blog, The Family Freezer. Over the past five years we sold over 50,000 eBooks that changed our lives and the lives of our readers.

Sound crazy? It is, but the best part isn't the money we've made - what makes us most excited about selling eBooks is the feeling of security that comes with a diversified business. Since our blog's income is split between eBooks, ads, affiliate sales, and sponsors, we feel confident that we can continue this lifestyle for as long as we want. We only promote products that are perfect for our readers and we have complete control of our time.

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Better Than A Book Deal.

Readers prefer print books To eBooks, right? Wrong! On average, traditional publishers pay authors 10% of book sales in royalties, but if you sell your eBook on your website you keep all of the profits!

Plus, most publishers take a year or more to start selling a book. You can start selling a new eBook in a matter of days.

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We want to share everything we've learned since launching our first eBook in 2012 so you can focus on creating the life of your dreams.

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