How To Make 6-Figures Selling EBooks
(Even If You Hate Selling)

Learn my proven 3 secrets of eBook marketing that helped me make over $100k/year.

I’m sharing the exact system I used sell over 2,000 eBooks per month for a total of $100,000+ per year.


You Will Learn


Learn how to implement a great marketing plan and take your eBooks to the next level


Learn how to build trust and serve your audience so they're ready to buy


Learn how to subtly sell your eBooks without coming across as "salesy" or "spammy"

"I had dipped my toe into writing eBooks, but had a hard time getting them to sell. I spent a lot of time putting the eBooks together but had no idea how to market them, and they only generated $3K over the course of a year. Then I decided to get Kelly’s help because I wanted to reduce my dependency on ads for my income, and Kelly had so much success in selling eBooks on The Family Freezer. I followed her marketing plan in my most recent eBook sale and made $17k in 10 days!"

- Denise, Sweet Peas & Saffron

Is It For You?

You wrote an eBook or two but haven’t had much success selling them. You like the idea of a marketing plan, but don’t even know where to start.
You make a good income from ads but want to diversity and feel more secure in the long-term success of your business. Being self-employed is pretty darn scary!
You are beyond busy and know you need to cut back somewhere. Making more money and working less hours sounds like a dream.
You like the idea of eBooks, but are worried about alienating your audience and coming off as spammy. You want to feel excited and confident about selling.

"I have five books that I sell as both print books and eBooks and I've never thought much about promoting just the eBooks in the past. What a simple concept and a great way to get great content to my community at a fabulous price! I went through Kelly's course and within just a few weeks I was ready to launch a special eBook package. l made a few thousand dollars in just one week! Her course has me re-thinking my ebook strategy and looking forward to doing this more often!"

- Ruth, The Better Mom

A Note From Kelly ...

I launched my first eBook in 2012 and sold a whopping 12 copies. Now? I sell over 2,000 eBooks per month for a total of $100,000+ per year.

I’m excited to pull back the curtain and share the step-by-step marketing plan that I use to sell eBooks. This is the EXACT system that I use over and over again to launch my new and existing eBooks on my blog, The Family Freezer.

The best part? My income isn’t tied to the number of hours that I work. All of my eBooks were written before 2017 so I don’t have to work around the clock. Heck, I don’t even work 40 hours/week. Most days, my husband and I work 1-2 hours and then spend the rest of our time with each other, our five kids (yep, we’re crazy), and our favorite hobbies – like reading and workout out.